Start An SEO Agency in 2020 Fast

You can make $1000 to $5000 per month providing SEO Services Without spending too much money.


SEO is a huge topic and the demand is over the roof. Small business owners want to get free traffic to their website without spending a massive amount of money on ads, so they are looking for a way to save money and get more clients. 

How you can help them get what they want? If you have SEO knowledge you can help these businesses optimize their website to better ranking on google search or any Search Engine in that matter.

If you have no prior knowledge about SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization, it’s a way to optimize a website to rank better on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and even Baidu (the Chinese version of Google).

When you type any term or keyword on the google search bar the first pages that come up on the first page of Google get the most clicks. And that’s where every business owner wants to see their website.


Starting SEO Agency

SEO is one of the digital marketing section that focuses on search engine rankings. 



What is required to start an SEO agency

Starting an SEO agency is easier than you think. 

In order to claim authority in the SEO domain, you ought to present your ability by building a portfolio. like any digital marketing competence, SEO professionals must show their knowledge by exerting their expertise on their own websites or blog


Realistically, one of the first concerns clients will look at; is whether you are a beneficiary of this knowledge and whether your website is ranked on the first page of the search engine.

Choose a simple niche to rank fast (Showcasing your ability)

The easiest way to showcase your ability is by building a blog in a very simple niche. Why simple? This is because it’s easy to rank in a less competitive niche that it is for a very competitive niche.

To avoid a very competitive niche at the beginning like personal finance, health care, fitness, and technology to some extent, any niche other than the mentioned, you are free to start. But before all the effort to be put in place in building a blog, start your search analysis for the best niche that suits your persona. 

It must be suitable for you 

This is because it’s easy to talk about the things you are familiar with.

What do you mean persona?

What do I mean by persona? like literally analyze yourself, what age group is you from? what hobbies do you enjoy? past experiences and backgrounds? the region you are from?. 

Now, you have an avatar of yourself, build a blog that serves your avatar. This avatar or persona resembles most of the time, a group that exists somewhere. 

This persona can be served in multiple ways, choose to serve them a niche that is easy to rank. 


To put this into perspective, My persona would look like this:

  • Age: 29 (I am actually a bit older than that but I’d like to think I’m younger… haha, don’t do that … be honest here)
  • martial status: Single
  • hobbies I enjoy: Playing and watching football (Soccer) especially the premier league and Chelsea fan
  • I like reading about psychology, human behavior, social studies, quantum physics, quantum computing, history of science, history of ancient civilizations.
  • favored books: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, Crime and punishment, 
  • favorite shows: planet earth (all BBC documentaries on planet earth)
  • exploring: UX design, and UX writing, podcasting
  • One year goal: financial freedom. Don’t have to work for a boss sustainably
  •  I enjoy talking and having good logical arguments. 
  • I am bilingual 
  • Currently living in China
  • favorite podcast: Hidden Brain, Joe Rogan, 
  • Background in engineering and international business
  • Experts in SEO, SEM, interpersonal relationships.
  • Highest calling: Helping humanity
  • smaller goals: work very hard and engage in creative solutions to protect people from their own selves and protect the world they live in.

This avatar or persona of myself describes a huge number of niches. Niches you could target me with:

  • Personal financing blog – Let say I am working in a BS job, and I want to pursue something else. Don’t pursue this niche – because it’s very competitive and it takes time to rank especially for showcasing, it’s a bad idea to start with.
  • Football match analysis (mostly post-analysis of the game) – I like to see it in visuals – Youtube video would be optimal
  • Explain the history of science as you do for a child. This is a very effective way to attract a lot of people in the niche you choose. Be a simple as you can. “if you can’t explain it to a 7-year-old child, you didn’t understand it yourself”-Einstein
  • Choosing a partner (this could be a blog). Since I am single I want to know the best way to choose my life partner
  • Stories about people and relate that to human psychology. you could do interviews with anyone you meet in the street. There is something fascinating about everyone around us. (could be an audio file and upload it on Youtube or podcast platform)
  • Build software to optimize my productivity – I have been thinking about having personalized software for me. Basically, this software should divide my tasks in mini-tasks to be done from 5 minutes to 1 hour depending on the boredom level I get from each task.
  • Send me a card with one idea to help someone. It should be personalized to my surroundings – Maybe every Sunday or Friday you send physical cards about helping someone, and I would be happy to subscribe yearly for this service (basically your service is a reminder of how important the world around us is). You could probably make it like a game, that I can get rid of this card if I accomplish it or anything else. figure it out. haha

The list goes on. I know this is a very nerdy weird persona, but you get the gist. 

This is what you going to need to build a blog or site:

  • $12 for web hosting (Bluehost) + free WordPress theme all is you need to get started.
  • And if you want to get the result quickly $5 facebook ad won’t hurt.
  • SEO knowledge 


How much does it cost to start an SEO agency

At the start it depends, do you want to have your own website or you can immediately look for freelance jobs (it is most effective if you can show portfolio, but it shouldn’t be an obstacle, you can learn on the job and bypassing the interview)

Ultimately, the cost will be by building a website and optimizing it to rank (basically, your time and effort). This is key to get clients because you already have the result. Keep in mind SEO keyword small-tail is very competitive to rank for. It may take months maybe years to rank.

For that reason, it’s better to focus on long-tail keywords to get better ranking.

The landing page can be built using WordPress or Wix and make sure to create an eye-catching call-to-action form so you won’t lose visitors.

Although this is shouldn’t be your focus in the beginning, but Build an email list from day one proves to be important. 

Where to learn about SEO?

Learning SEO is the best investment of your time in the beginning – you don’t have to pay money for these courses-we have mentioned some resources above. Understanding SEO will open many opportunities for you.

However, …

Moz is a great website to get started learning SEO from beginner to advance level.

Neil Petal is an SEO guru he is well-known in the digital marketing world. He created an amazing keyword free research tool (Ubbersuggest) that is used by millions of marketers.

Watching tutorials on Youtube is another way to learn the basics of SEO as well.

There are many online courses to get started, here is the best Udemy course to learn SEO: If you are not motivated- then get a paid course, usually the value of these courses comes from structuring and guiding you to learn systematically, but if you motivated and find it enjoyable to learn, stick with free resources that are available online.

  1. SEO Courses on Udemy : $12.99
  2. FREE SEO Course on Udemy


How to Get Interesting Clients 

Finding clients is one of the hardest things in any business; it takes resilience and discipline and hard work.

Sometimes the fear of rejection is the cause of losing clients. By understanding that you providing services that will benefit your client and you as well. Plan for the win-win deal.

Following this strategy will help you get clients fast.

Reach out:

Cold calling business is an effective way to get clients and its cost-free. Find business owners through LinkedIn, newspaper or by searching on google. 

Once you find potential clients, reach out to them by email or call them and try to get an appointment.

I recommend studying their market as much as you can to understand what they need and offer them exactly that. Build a simple case study of their business and what their competitors are doing. 

I find the technique of showing businesses how their competitors doing, a very compelling argument to get the job done and land yourself the first gig.

Offer Free consultation:

In the beginning, offering free consultation will give you the upper hand to get the job. Provide the value as much as you can. This will help you establish good relationships as well. You may be hired by referrals.

This could be a free consultation, writing a report that shows some insights into their current marketing status, and some of the lost opportunities they are missing. This shows your understanding and professionalism, and it may highlight something they think is not important. A little comparison with their competitors or a similar company in their industry could go far and an eye-opener.

You could even go one step further by setting up an email list, help them optimize the basics of SEO on their websites only if you have established a good relationship with them, and already received a gig. Don’t make the mistake of offering your real services for free. You have to put currency on your work, otherwise, they may not take you seriously.

By doing this you gain good experience and connections and many referrals.

Social media:

Social media is a powerful tool to market yourself, join groups and participate in discussions, share your knowledge and your expertise.

You get recognition by being helpful in these groups then this may lead to getting deals too.

Ads & SEO

Ads are the fastest way to get results but it requires you to spend money. If you are just starting, you may not have the budget to advertise but if you do, ads can be a great way to get clients fast.

SEO is long term game, while you trying to get clients, it’s a good idea to start implementing an SEO strategy to your own website. We have talked earlier to start with a blog with a simple non-competitive niche. This is to be able to showcase your ability in this domain. As you moving on, you need to continue building your website, as this is going to be your digital brand. 

In the beginning, choosing the simple niche is logical to showcase your ability

As you move and get clients, social proof will help you establishing authority

meanwhile, you can start building a site for your SEO business to generate leads. Why didn’t we start with this site? This is because as you move on and learn the tricks, it’s easy to build a site in Digital marketing and also considering the timeframe for it to be ranked. That’s why in the beginning it would be very hard to showcase your ability with a competitive niche like SEO.


What to do after you get a client?

This is where most starters mess up because they don’t know what to do.

Here is what to do when you get your first client:

  • Treat their business as if you own this.
  • Get as much information about their business as possible.
  • Research the market and come up with better keywords
  • Ask upfront payment and guarantee money back if no result.
  • Put all your attention and hard work on their business.
  • Update them with weekly reports.
  • Make sure to get them what they want and more.
  • If they’re not happy with your result to refund them with no string attached.
  • Accept clients that you interested in working with them. This is very vital

If you make this client happy rest assure that you probably will refer to you many other clients and the opposite is true, that’s why you have to be careful and give the best you can for future opportunities.



Starting an SEO agency is a great business that allows you to be able to serve other business owners and meet interesting people and learn valuable skills along the way.

SEO is simple to learn and implement once you understand the basics, you will able to rank websites in a short period of time.

Smart CEOs understand the power of search engines, so they are willing to spend a huge budget to increase their business visibility on the search engine.

This is a good opportunity to get into this SEO now.



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