Shopify Store Techniques That Proven To Work


How long your shopify store should take to earn revenue  ?

You’ve buit your store and created ads , but no sales yet ?

In this post I’m going to show You exactly how to make sales with these simple techniques !

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  • Run facebook ads the right way

shopify store facebook ads

Everybody talks about Facebook ads nowadays , but not everybody understand it well .

The fun part is that you don’t have to lose a lot of money to test ads.

Now I’m going to show you how to run effective Facebook ads that will attract a lot of customers and sales.

The type of of Facebook ads that will make you money


Facebook recently improved many aspect of their AI, it became smarter. So if you give this AI the right data to work with, it would much more effective and relevant to your target audience.

  • PPE Ads : Page Post Engagement.
  • Chat message Ad : great way to advertise through direct messaging.
  • Purchase Ad : target purchases, this is recommended when Facebook collects enough data, wait until you make few sales.
  • Video view ads : the less expensive ad and very effective to reach many people with little cost.

Here is how you go about creating effective Facebook ads that will work.


  • Create PPE ads with $5 a day budget
    • This is Post Engagement ad , this will show you how people interact with your ad
  • Create Chat Message Ad
    • With only $5/day this is very effective way to get directly to your customers chat box, this is perfect way to get high CTR.
  • Video View Ads
    • This ad is the most important to reach many clients without spending too much.
    • In this way you are going to see the engagement and whether your ad is showing to the right targeted people or not.
  • Create Purchase Ad
    • This is a bit expensive ad, so you can go with $10-$20/day to just see if you make any purchase, this most likely end up making few sales, if not, don’t worry, Facebook AI still collecting data to figure out who’s mostly going to buy from you.
  • Scalability
    • Once you make 100-150 sales, Facebook now has a lot of information to work with, you can scale your ad.
    • Note: Do not edit the current winning ad, duplicate the ad and increase daily budget.


  • Get Free Traffic to your Shopify store without spending money


That’s right ! this is not just another click-bait technique, its actually possible to get real traffic to your Shopify store without spending a dime!

Here is how you go about it !

  • Build your authority around your niche

Be the expert on your niche by providing value on forums, Facebook groups, blogs with comments and share your link after asking permission.

  • Focus on SEO

Search engine optimization is the most effective way to get free traffic to your store, but it will take extra work and time. Don’t ignore though.

  • Create useful content around your product

Create post that is actually useful, talk about the product and why this product is a must have, what problems your product promise to solve, how easy it is to use .

important note!  do not try to sell your product directly to people, they hate being sold, just talk about it like you’re telling your friend about an amazing product.

In this way, people will actually share your content and that’s going to be a huge boost for your Shopify store. People sharing your content means they actually liked your content and probably will buy from you and their friends too.

  • Leverage social media

With 2.3 billion Facebook users and Instagram 900 million users, the sky is the limit on what you can accomplish with these social networking websites.

Here are 3 ways to generate massive traffic and sales.

  • Create engaging post/video on Facebook

People love short videos on Facebook, it does not have to be about your product, it can be a funny video, educational, tips or anything you think its useful. However, you want to pick a personality in your social presence that somehow relates to your brand.

The best part is that it doesn’t have to be your video, it can be from other pages. I don’t mean to steal their videos, rather sharing their content on your page, this way they get credit as well. This is a win-win situation.

  • Instagram Story

Instagram story is another perfect way to be noticed on social media. Posting regularly and using related hashtags to your niche.

Here are best Instagram hashtag tools that can be used 

Use those hashtag tools for every post you create to analyze and get real time data to optimize for more traffic to your Shopify store.


  • The power of Pinterest

Shopify Store Techniques That Proven To Work pinterest

Pinterest is a huge social networking site, it has over  250 million users, you can leverage this giant social network.  Here is how you get free traffic from Pinterest.

Create an infographic around your product, your niche and share it on Pinterest .

Use Photoshop to design it, if you don’t know how to use it, you can hire someone for $5 from Fiverr to create an amazing design for you.

Or you can use free tool to create your designs effortlessly, Canva is one of the best out there.



Shopify store is a great way to make money online, the process should be simple. Start by following the above techniques to get traffic.


It helped me to generate a lot of money online.

Please share with us your experience using these techniques, and which traffic source you had the most success with?


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