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To be clear, for first time newbie this could take longer as they may have to stumble on my many difficulties and relatively according to the learning curve that varies from one person to the other. How clear are you about marketing and marketing strategies on facebook and so forth. Taking many variables into account, it differs how fast that could be for someone.

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On the other hand, fast here means on a relative scale this method is focused on one product rather than many of them.

A lot of people go for a general store or perhaps a niche store with variety collection of products. However, the idea of product store has been hot for several reasons. One of them, is that you put all your focus only on product. Finding the demand of the market for that product and so on.

One of the biggest challenges of one product Shopify dropshipping store is finding the one product. A lot of research has to be done here.

You have to keep in mind that setting up a criteria for your one and only product is very essential to narrow down the best. Start with this process of selection and then you can improve yours to be truly unique.

  1. The product shouldn’t be saturated on the internet. Seek less competition. But some competition has to be there.

  2. The product is tricky for shopper to guess the price.

  3. The product is interesting to tempt customers to click, and it’s easy to trigger engagement on social media. Think of it like if I made a video about that product and set up engagement campaign using facebook ads, will it attract so many comments and shares.

  4. The product can be purchased by consumers without any need to research. It has to be simple product. No complication at this stage especially for beginners.

  5. The product isn’t expensive on aliexpress. Preferably $2-3 maximum.

  6. The selling price should be between $5 – $10 is ideal and maybe you can have $3 shipping. Also be aware of competition and try to spend time learning about their price structure. There is a book you can check learning about these things. Made in America by Walmart’s founder Sam Walton

  7. Find how much your competitors selling and cut the price down to compete.

Product research

Product research is very essential part in the process of making a successful one product shopify store.

After finding your product on these criterias

Now you set up your shopify store and register.

In shopify store, there are a couple of themes that you choose that is designed for one product store.

Start-up is one of the themes for one product store or a website for small inventory. There are obviously other themes you can choose. The jumpstart is also another one product designed theme for one product  and it’s free.

The design is so simple and elegant. The first section is designed to show your product immediately. Check out how the hero image above the fold is  the most single opportunity for single product store owner to sell right away.

Hero image above the fold works as a great spot to allow customers to order a product directly from the hero image itself. This is a way to eliminate distractions and a guiding hand to help customers make the decision.

Finding Suppliers

Get on Aliexpress….

go to aliexpress and register on dropship center there.

Search on google Aliexpress dropship center

After you register using your email, you would go to this page …UI (user interface)  might change over time…

one product shopify

Once you submit …this is how it would like inside…

one product shopify

You can now start looking for your product. This dropship center is made for those planning to dropship.

Believe me in the beginning you don’t want to be engaged with logistics, customer service, Return and Refund yourself let them take a piece of the pie, so that you can more on selling and making a profit.

Automate Dropshiping Process

Use can Oberlo as well

Oberlo is an application, which allows you to easily import dropshipped products into a Shopify store and ship them directly to your customers – in only a few clicks. You can import and sell items that can be found on website or Oberlo Supply Marketplace.

Another thing you have to do is deciding whether to go with oberlo marketplace and their automation or use aliexpress. Keeping in mind that most of Oberlo suppliers that they teamed up with are also aliexpress suppliers. Do your own research of pros and cons of both platforms and or find an alternative to these two.

OR you can use a dropshipping agent

You can also use dropship agent from China to dropship for you.

There a couple of point you have to look at when using dropship agent from China:

  • Minimum order quantity is 20-50 per day (downside)

  • Payment is done by International wire transfer (it could be a downside depending your financial setup) because if you don’t the proper banking set up in place, it will be difficult to do the transfers.

  • Agents will source the products for you. So you can send them a link of these products on aliexpress for example. The agent will find out where they can get the product with the cheapest price possible and buys it in bulk to fulfill your orders.

  • You can avoid processing delays.

  • Cheaper than aliexpress and faster shipping options for most products.

How to find a dropshipping agent

Actually this is the tricky part. One of the ways is that you can use UpWork and put job posting there. Another, is try to ask the people in your network and see if they are using any agent. Dropshipping Facebook groups could help here.

How to get traffic to our store

You can use Facebook to advertise your product, FB is considered to be the best medium to sell on. But you can do your research for which your product can perform the best. Now, one of the important steps is to install facebook pixels which is very unique strategy you can’t find in the other channels. After connecting the facebook pixels with your store, then you can run ads to drive traffic.

The facebook pixels function is monitoring what visitors do once they are in the store.

The goal here is for facebook pixels to help you optimize your ads strategy.

With the data received from Facebook pixels, you can then do segmentation on these visitors and put them into groups. This will help to test on each group and see which one is performing more sales. And obviously double down on that one.

You can also test different marketing and hyper targeted ads to hit all these groups. What works on one group, it might not work on the other one. You have to find probably a different messages for each group to entice them getting on your shopify store.

Generally these pixels are empowering tool to figure out your ideal customers, and not waste time and money on the wrong prospects.

Conclusion …

Let me remind you. Starting in this business is not an overnight process. It takes time to learn and the beauty of it, is that you can spend a little and test your ideas.

General advice to all now…

Focus is the road to success, you don’t have to be all over the place and spread yourself too thin. Having one single product would make you focus on selling and identifying your target market. If you find your winner product and make a lot of money, then it makes sense to scale and maybe bring new products. Unless these are seasonal and you need to stop their campaign and find another winner which you can stick with and scale/grow further.

Finally, it really helps if you really like research and you are a very curious person in nature, especially if you search a lot on your own time for fun, just because you have a lot of questions in your head like me.

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