The No B.S. Strategy To Scape The 9 to 5 Job

A simple but yet effective strategy that helped me scape my regular 9 to 5 job and allowed me to do what I enjoy doing and get paid.


If you truly want to have your freedom to travel the world and do whatever you want with your life without a boss ruling your life then the next few minutes might be the best investment you will make.



We all hate 9 to 5 job let’s admit it, but for me, I hated even more than anything in this world not because the job was bad but because I didn’t want to be restricted. I wanted FREEDOM.

most people who work in 9 to 5 jobs do not enjoy their jobs, but why they still work there?  Imagine spending half of your life doing something you not passionate about, then retire at age 65 probably with little to no money left.

Just thinking of this makes me feel sick so I had to figure out ways to work for myself,

The truth is its possible to make money online, there are plenty of options out there like freelance jobs, building an eCommerce store, creating a blog and affiliate marketing and print on demand business as well as dropshipping and many more opportunities waiting for us.


What do you want?

This question needs to be answered every day since we live one life it can’t be wasted doing an unfulfilling job.

After many years of researching and asking myself this question I kinda figure out what I want at least partially since this question is continues as long as you live and I can show you how to do the same in this post.

So All I wanted in this period of my life is FREEDOM, this may sound strange but the truth is most people don’t have freedom, think about it does everybody have the freedom to do whatever they want?

Confined in an office and doing the same shit every day is not freedom, to be free is to choose when to wake up, what to do with your life, travel anytime, anywhere help others to succeed as well.


Obstacles on the way

Image result for Obstacles

The same tree can be seen differently it’s a matter of perspective only, in life obstacles will always be there but the question is how to react to it that will make the difference.

The biggest challenge was how to figure out a way to stop relying on my job without sacrificing the paycheck. Then I realized this approach is not so effective and the reason is I had to cut my time in half meaning, when I finish my regular job then I spend the remaining of my time working on my side business which will, of course, take a lot of time and I’m always exhausted due to overwork.


The No B.S Strategy to scape the rapid hole

First of all, I always like to be true to myself and my reader as well, as I’ve mentioned before I’m against regular jobs and the system behind that too.

I believe in everybody’s freedom to live their life in their own terms without confinement or restriction.

And I will always believe that no matter what, every decision has its outcomes which can be seen as good or bad depends on our perceptive.

After a long time thinking and visualizing and asking these questions like what’s my purpose in life? How I came to this world? What I want?. These type of questions makes you think deeper in your true existence. And we may not to find the answer to it. but its something I can’t stop thinking about and you may be feeling the same. Anyways, let us carry on…


Develop skills


Sometimes people skip this but it’s important to address this. You have to have some type of marketing skills, designing, copywriting and selling skills.

This doesn’t mean you have to be an expert, it simply means having these skills will ease the process of making money online.

Find amazing courses on Udemy starting $9.99 per course and learn these skills or through YouTube videos.

        Required skills in the basic level of:

  •         Copywriting
  •         Basic Marketing Skill
  •         Basic knowledge of WordPress or any blogging platform
  •         A burning desire to succeed

Knowing the basics of these skills is enough because there will be a lot to learn on the way.


Your self-worth

If you working in a company sometimes you feel a lack of self-worth, in other words, you not appreciating yourself. You are valuable and you probably know a lot of things that even your boss doesn’t. this is a game they play to make you feel less so you accept whatever they throw at you.

Once I knew that I have a lot of knowledge and skills that can set me free, I took the chance and bet on myself.

I observe what’s going on and strategically work on my side business while having the regular 9 to 5 job because I have a family to feed and bills to pay. The plan was to generate online income in six months, and that’s what I’m sharing with you.


Let’s begin implementing the No B.S. Strategy.


As I’ve talked about many times in previous blog posts, there are a couple of ways to generate income online you have to invest your time and a few bucks.

To make money online you have to be willing to put time and energy (a lot of energy). There is no such thing as something for nothing and you probably put a lot of time and afford into someone else’s dream(your job), but why not yours.

Three fundamental questions you have to answer before we begin.

  1.       Are you willing to put the time?
  2.       Are you willing to face your fears?
  3.       Are you willing to take the extra mile in helping others?

Answering these questions will clear your way from the start because you have to know where you are and where you going.

These are proven ways to make passive income online.

 You can pick one idea at a time to put all your energy and time to provide the best you can. Let’s start with a blog first, keep in mind you can pick whatever you like it doesn’t have to be in this order.


Blog Creation For Success

5 Ways to Build a Passive Income Online

This might be obvious but not every blog succeed there is always a better way to do things

And treat your blog post as a business, not just a hobby if you truly want to make money online. There is nothing wrong with that honesty is the key to success.

Blogging for value creation & profiting.

It’s possible to provide massive value and make huge profit while doing so, think about this for a moment, for example, if I teach you how to earn $500 per month and asked you to give me $10 of that, would you agree? This is no brainer, of course, you would, and that’s how successful bloggers make money.  By showing you the possibilities and the road map to succeed and that’s what I’m trying to do too.


Find hungry crowd


What I mean by the hungry crowd is find a problem with a lot of people looking for a solution to that problem; people have all kinds of problems. Be genuine and honest when you serving these people because reputation is everything.

meaning, find a niche or a market you passionate about or you have experience in it and share your knowledge and offer products or services related to this market.

let us take this product for example

Automobile->Accessories->car phone holder See how narrowing down this huge market is done.

Then do more research on the number of searches and collect more information on that particular Market which is car accessories.

Find Solutions for that demand whether as a product or service.(this is just an example showing you how to research).

Take the extra mile to serve your customers

I first read this in one of my favorite book “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill where he talks about this concept “extra mile” meaning always give more than what expected.

Why am I telling you this? Because making money online is all about shifting your mindset to attract more abundance. The way you do that is by providing the best you can for your customers. Whether is it a product you believe in it or some sort of service to solve their problem.

For example, if you writing about some type of product, find tons of information about that product, what it does for your potential customer? What can be used for, if you can include video instruction on that would be amazing, in this stage focus on providing value only and forget about the money for some time.


The key points

I’m not going to talk about the technical stuff on how to build your blog yet read this post to learn how to create a blog for free, however, I’m going to focus on the 90% of what matters to succeed in the blogging world. And that of course is :

  •         Find a problem or fear that people want to eliminate.
  •         Find a solution to it.
  •         Be the best to offer a solution.
  •         Become an expert.
  •         Exceed your customer’s expectation


Where to start blogging?


The most used blogging platform in the world is WordPress, you can get started for free but I wouldn’t suggest you to continue using the free version because you eventually going to need your domain name.

this platform allows you to focus on creating amazing blog post because that’s what it designed to do in the first place. It can be turned into fully functional eCommerce too with a simple plugin, we going to talk about that in this post.

I assume by now you know what you going to write about, the next step is to set and write bad copy. It doesn’t matter your writing skills will develop over time.

How to write your first blog post?


  •  Headlines are the most important thing

If you mess this nobody going to read the rest of the post, so practice writing interesting headlines that will grab attention immediately like this post you’re reading now.

  • Notice the headline: The No B.S. Strategy To Scape The 9 to 5 Job

Probably 99% of your visitors will read your headline. It has to be appealing to them, clear and concise. This headline address the problem and some strategy to solve it. then what? Your next paragraph has to be interesting.

  •  Notice the next paragraph:  Simple But Yet Effective Strategy That Helped Me Scape My Regular 9 To 5 Job And Allowed Me To Do What I Enjoy Doing And Get Paid.

This paragraph draws a beautiful picture inside the reader’s mind. I’m using human psychologies that trigger basic human emotions. Let us examine this paragraph.

  • Simple: Humans love pleasure and hate pain so this word shows that it requires little work.
  • Effective: I’m targeting people who tried or thinking of making money online they might see some strategies that were not so effective.
  • Scape regular 9 to 5 jobs: almost 80% of people hate their jobs and they are looking for ways to earn money online. This is the audience targeted by this paragraph.
  • To do what I enjoy doing: This is what most of us like to do of course instead of working for someone else.
  • Get paid: who doesn’t want to get paid while doing something he/she loves.

Next is, of course, to be honest, and show your readers how you can help them.


How long should your blog post be?

It depends on the competitions on that specific keyword you’re targeting, for example, if you write about “how to make money online” this is very competitive keywords that are required to write over 5,000 words. I would suggest you find long-tail keywords.

To find more about keywords competitiveness use these tools:

These tools are really powerful in finding details, ubersuggest is free to use while kwfinder and semrush are paid on a monthly basis.


A simple trick to find a great keyword to write a blog post about.

Type on google search any keyword that you are interested in and see the results. Notice which websites are ranking on the first page.

  •  If you find many ads popping up (more than 4 ads) it means there is money being made using this keyword.
  •  Check out each website, find and how they presenting the topic and how many words that post has (use this site to find out word count


The basics of keyword research and terms:

Volume: it means the amount of searching this keyword gets every month.

SD: Search difficulty, how difficult is to rank for this keyword ranges from 0-100.

To learn about SEO terms read this blog post or this post

Make a list of keywords

Its a good idea to always list the keywords that you are going to write a blog post about. Make a doc file or use a notebook.

Set a goal for at least 6 months by following this.

start seo agency 2020 now

1# first month

Write 30 blog posts each one around 2000 to 5000 words target the keywords you listed and focus on one keyword in each post you write.

Remember to always include your target keyword in your headline, Meta tag, and description.

Create social media accounts on:

  •         Facebook
  •         Youtube
  •         Instagram
  •         Pinterest
  •         Twitter

Create one post on each social media account and link it to your website.

2# Second Month

By this month you going to get some traffic maybe 2 to 10 visits per day to your website depends on how competitive is the keywords. Keep writing another 20 blog post and optimize all your previous posts.

#3 Third Month

In this time go back to your old posts and update them, create better images and fix any broken links.

Focus on social media and be active, post and engage with your audience.

Redesign your website and fix any broken parts

#4 Fourth Month

Write yourself or outsource your posts, do around another 20 posts each one 2000 to 5000 words, and remember by this time your website is going to get decent traffic. Keep optimizing your older posts and work on social media account by posting and engaging with your customers.


#5 Fifth Month

If you made it this far, congratulations because most people will stop in the first month. By now if your website getting around 5000-10000 visits per month. Continue writing great blog posts and outsource what you can.

# 6 Month

This is where we going to monetize our blog and make money, I’m going to show you how to set up affiliate accounts so you can generate income from your traffic.

Keep in mind if your traffic around 3k-5k per month your set to go if less than that I would suggest keeping improving your content.

How to monetize your Blog

Amazon Affiliate Program :

amazon affiliate program adsteel

Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce in the world and selling amazon products on your blog can be easily done. Sign up with the Amazon affiliate program.

Recommend products and discounts on your blog.

No Special requirement to sign up


Google AdSense:

google adscens make money

With google AdSense you going to need massive traffic to generate good revenue if you have less than 50k visitors per month I wouldn’t go with AdSense. Because your blog is your business and you may not want to ruin your visitors experience with ads that are not generating a decent income.

To sign up with Google Adsense only Gmail account and the website link is required.


Leo Ads:

leo ads

This company accepts almost any website I saw great results with them.  When you sign up they are going to give you a code to paste it on your website so ads can be shown on your website.




Clickbank is one of the oldest websites that link between the affiliate marketer and a publisher. This website acts as a middle man, so whenever someone buys the product through your link, you earn a commission. Clickbank offers a variety of digital products you can promote on your blog.


Selling Ads Space:

You can sell ad space on your blog and you decide what to charge, once your blog gets over 10k many clients going to email you depending on your chosen market.


Guest Post Services

Offering guest posts on your blog can be very beneficial to both you and your client. And the guest post is allowing other bloggers/companies to publish articles on your blog so that they can benefit from your readers and pay you without mislead or offer something not related to your market because this kind of practice may push your visitors away if they sense inconsistency. Make sure to restrict what type of article being published and if it resonates with your readers.


Selling Digital products

E-Books, Courses and Audio files can be sold as digital products on your website, these types of products consume type to create but once it’s completed it can be sold forever. Many copies can be made with no inventory headache. Your blog contains useful information you can organize step by step guide using what you already have written and compact them to create an e-book to offer to your reader and make money.


What makes a blog successful?

There is a couple of reasons, first of all, any successful blog was one day mediocre one, meaning an intense work and modifications has been done as well as continues work and probably many outsourcing involved.

and a successful blog has high quality content and focuses on value giving, here are some of my favourity blogs which generats around $150,000 per month as they stated in their report.

  1. Dollarspouts
  2. Save The Student
  3. Backlinko




Becoming Online Instructor

about adsteel

Creating an online course is one of the best ways to make money online, and if you are wondering how to do that? It’s easier than you think, all you need is to record your screen and share something whether its how to design graphics in photoshop, or How to build a website or any skill that you possess that can be taught.

You can charge $ for the course. The good thing is once you completed creating the course it will make you passive income for years to come.

Even if you still have 9 to 5 jobs, you can use any free time to invest in these things. Once you create a course, it will make money on autopilot.


I recommend:

  1. Udemy
  2. Teachable
  3. LearningTree

Udemy is undoubtedly the greatest learning platform on the internet. On udemy, you can build a course in a few days to put it in front of millions of visitors.

They are going to market your course, this will save you time and money.

 Find great courses on udemy continue reading this post.


Build an e-commerce store

One product shopify store

Selling through e-commerce store like Shopify is an awesome way to build and scale business but it requires an upfront budget of around $200 to $500 and learning curve

Learn how to build a single product Shopify store in this post.

Shopify is an eCommerce solution platform you can use their service for $29 per month. you can import products from Aliexpress using the Oberlo app which you can install on the Shopify marketplace for free. They give you much control over your store with endless products to sell.

Another less expensive option is the Woocommerce plugin for WordPress which turns your website to a fully functional store.

So If you already own a WordPress site you can use woocommerce to sell products.

Many things can be sold on woocommerce stores, like physical products or digital products such as e-books, audio files, video courses and so on.

Read more about building an online store from scratch here.

 So these are the proven ways to earn money online and free yourself from a 9 to 5 job and enjoy your time with your family.


The Freedom Life

By this time if you did everything right your blog should generate passive income every month through affiliate marketing, google ads, digital products, and guest posting as well as many other ways to make money online.

This will give you the freedom to enjoy your time with your loved one at the same time doing what you love to do.

It’s up to you what you going to do with your time now. Having a passive income is a dream for many people yet most of them do not believe its possible.

The freedom to get rid of the 9 to 5 job is finally coming to an end, now you can hire other people to manage your blog or even sell your entire business and build another one.

The amount of money you are making what is important doesn’t have to be the skill you’ve learned along the way. This journey teaches you many things, the most crucial one is patient when things go wrong, and when you suddenly find out your idea is not so good after many months working hard on your business. you learn copywriting, marketing, running a business and selling skills. And the number one skill is the ability to start from zero to profitable online business. this skill alone is highly valuable.


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