How to make money online from home [13 ways]

13 ways to start earning money online


Whether it’s a side hustle or housewife or maybe a student who wants to start earning before graduating. How to make money online from home remotely has never been the easiest in this DNA age. Now, in this site, we don’t in any way promote quick schemes.

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As easy as that can sound…

you might require a skill like writing which can make starting right away using websites like upwork, or building an online eCommerce for products of your passion or just simply flipping stuff on eBay or any similar sites “this depends on your region for similar sites like eBay”.

How to make money online from home [13 ways]


One of the most important perspectives in this game is to seek the things that you find amazing and passionate about and you can as well do otherwise. All works but it makes a whole lot of difference if you like what you do.


One way to do it is by starting …


1. Starting a blog

5 Ways to Build a Passive Income Online

In this step, you have to choose a niche that suits you the most. There are many genres that you can select from …

Travel… that’s if you like traveling

Health …. Do you go to the gym and always considerate about your food

Cooking …. Do you find yourself cooking with passion and when you bored to spice up your time with some flavors and aromas.

The list goes on…..

2. Sell online

adsteel background

If you have heard about garage sales, then you got it ….you can garage sale some unwanted products to gain some cash. You would ask garage sales is an offline hustle. Yes, you are right off course … instead of probably going outside of your house and selling these products, you can take photos of these products (probably you need good quality pictures if you want to ask for good prices). Sites like eBay could drive your prices higher with bidding.

You can do that on Facebook, Craiglist… Whatever suits you or wherever the attention is. If you are from planet Mars, then you must have a similar site that can do the same thing with a different name. Find the platform and do it. Facebook is used by 2 billion people it could be the thing you should start with.

 3. Bed and Breakfast OR Airbnb


 You can go to this site and list your unused room or your living room. Well, your location here matters if you going to take a chunk of money or not … let’s say you live near a campus or near a stadium where events occur or maybe some kind of conference halls … probably depending on the season and the number of people, you can make a good living. In all circumstances, you still can earn money if your district doesn’t have all those venues that can bring traffic. Some use the suburban home for vacation and relaxation time for people to get away from the city…. There you go.

4. Transcriptional


The good thing about this gig you can do it any time day or night, it doesn’t require a skill, all you need is to be a bit more detailed and careful. If you find this interesting then start … don’t delay the buck from coming.

5. Fix google’s mistakes


Sites like google have mistakes in their result page, the requirement you just have to make the results more relevant, useful, and qualitative. Check out these sites below…


6. Be a community manager for social media pages.



Community manager sounds complicated but all you have to do is to manage and probably answer a question coming from a fan or customer depending on who you working with. Log in to Fiverr to find something like maintaining fan pages.

7. Involve yourself in online focus groups


Join online focus groups like ProOpinion and get paid…..

8. Become an online travel agent



If you like browsing on sites like or Expedia. Then turn your time into a commission. You can start by learning the tips in

9. Work for Amazon

amazon affiliate program adsteel

Start picking up small tasks from Amazon Mechanical Turk. You can work from home with flexible hours. This small tasks at the moment require human interactions for now…. So start using before robots take over

10. Data entry

upwork design make money online

You can use sites like upwork or craiglist to find small gigs or administrative jobs for yourself right now.

11. Tutoring


This is already a well-known method for a lot of people. You can, for instance, write, or know how to do the math, then use your SAT knowledge to have someone over to teach part-time.

Or if you still want to stick with online, then you can go site like Cheg tutors to earn 20$ for an hour.

12. Become a virtual assistant


VA’s are required these days with online companies emerging like hot pop. You can pick up tasks like handing travel schedules, managing a blog for a blogger, or handing internet research … this is for you to choose … Go to sites like Zirtual or Upwork.

13. Sign up for free gift cards


Sites like ebates is  great for online shoppers. Ebates is free to use.

You go first to ebates and click through the shop you want to shop at.

If you buy from the store Ebates gets a commission that they split with you.  It’s an easy way to save.

Sing up now for ebates ….don’t miss those chances …

There are obviously more ways to explore and make money online from home. The point here is to start working and get out of your debt or make an extra to go on vacation. Start by selecting one on the list above, On one hand, you will learn a lot from the online world, on another, you might find where your passion is. However, most importantly you don’t want to lose on the cash backs from your purchase if you use a site like ebates. 🙂


These were easy and quick ideas on how to make money online from home.

In the coming blog will explore more options that you can make a side hustle.

We would like to inform our readers that these kinds of blogs are dedicated for extra cash here and there, and if you become good at what you do, for example, a very experienced Virtual assistant or technical freelancer (maybe you already know how to write or do graphic designs) then your earning will reflect depending on the skill that you hold. Nevertheless, these tips are not lifestyle or entrepreneurial but to keep it moving and probably help to strap on for your next project comfortably.

With this, I end.


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