How to get traffic free without posting everyday

Learn How To Use These Simple Methods To Unlock The Secret To Attract Thousand Of Visitors To Your Blog Without Even Posting Everyday…


While this topic might seem attractive to a lot of people, In my experience,  it shouldn’t really deviate from the reality.

Chasing the free-hanging fruits is one of the ways, and whether you or don’t depend on free-flowing traffic, there is always the perspective of the grand schemes of things


Meaning higher growth and scalability requires the acquisition of a higher level of attention and that can be done by spending money ultimately and working actively daily.


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Posting and engaging every day with multiple platforms helps your business to get attraction and attention and most importantly build your own brand.


However, you can still use the free traffic methodology to acquire some leads for free on your website or business WITHOUT posting every day.

I would also recommend for anybody bootstrapping and starting a small side income to start test their ideas with free traffic secrets to validate demand.


There are 4 platforms that can help you get free traffic because of how they set up.

There’s nothing new here but it’s important to classify these platforms. After that, we going to explore an understanding of how would they work perfectly for free-flowing traffic is key.


The Secrets Of These Platforms…



The first one is Google. In order to get traffic from Google, You have to rank high up on the first page of Google or maximum the second page. This is an important requirement to remember.


You can freely do that by understanding SEO.


As I have personally worked in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank my websites, I have found the best advice and strategies to receive a high ranking on Google.


Here I am going to List down fundamental understandings that will stay true forever no matter when the Google algorithm changes occur.



  • Help. You are here to serve people as if your reward comes from a different universe.


You want to disassociate your own interest from what could be served. This allows two things to happen:

  • You will build a machine designed based on people’s need
  • The outcome of your product or service is beyond competition (a market outlier)


Having talked about the mindset which orchestrates a long term (infinite) approach, it’s important to combine the finite approach in the mix. Similarly, strategies could help to achieve the long and short term.


Note: Infinite strategy in business is a long term vision of the institute that paves the path of current decisions. Values in this perspective are solely centered on the customer regardless of short gains. This is about we are here to stay, therefore, managing resources and decisions with respect to the higher vision.


On the other hand, short term (finite approach) is about what’s the gain today regardless of real value and it could be eluted to momentary appeals. This is where you have to compete; therefore, the depletion of resources is more likely to happen.




  • Understand people behavior behind the Search bars


What are the interests that lead to the current consumer search behavior on a particular keyword? This helps you formulate better headlines and writing blogs that answer their concerns.


  • Choose a small Niche in your domain. This is easier to build in the beginning.
  • Find non-competitive low traffic keyword searches. Make it the first third of your articles/blogs. This is to attract some visitors to the site.
  • Now that we have some traffic, it’s time to upgrade your game. Next third of your website. Medium competition medium traffic keyword searches.


Google would have noticed you already. It makes sense to start to compete with the medium competition&traffic content


  • The last third, you are getting yourself in competition toe to toe with the big boys. Writing articles that have very competitive and high traffic keywords.


Why These Steps


This flow allows easy transition on your site to be recognized by Google crawlers and start indexing your content. By first having you appear in the search result and having a number of visitors, and then beginning to fulfill your potential prospects demand on the medium level.


Finally, clash with the titans for the highest fruits and more competitive queries that if you were to rank high on them, you can only imagine the number of visitors coming to your site.


We have talked about three different thirds. The obvious question, how many posts is the one third. This is where you come in and decide. If you planning to hit around 30 posts in total, therefore, one third is 10 blog articles.


How can I decide the number of blogs I should write for my website?

This depends on the niche you have chosen. If it’s one of the common niches and competition is high, then have higher target of posts. Let’s say it’s around 150-200.


reddit logo


Second on the list here comes with Reddit.  The way Reddit works, if you were to post or comment, people Upvote. The more Upvote you get, the more your comment ranks first for that question or post.


The trick in this website is providing so much value in your comments in the niches or industry that you are involved in. You need to get yourself Upvoted for people to see your comment.


Finding your niche in Reddit is by going to subreddit that relates to you. Check what Redditors are talking about, what’s trending. Engage as much as you can. Once you find a question or comment that you have a great insight on, take it seriously and write a full answer, an answer that could get you an upvote.

The intention is to offer value, but keep in mind it should be designed to get votes as well.


The Subreddit is located on the left side corner as seen in the below image.


where can I find subreddit





closer look to subreddit





subreddit list


You can find your own subreddit in this list or at least something close to your interest or industry


Get in the favorite subreddit, and browse daily to an extent. Try to engage as much as you can and help people.

Eventually, don’t forget to add your link by the end of the comment. Preferably this link is an expansion of what you have written for people to dive deeper or find similar topics.



quora page

This website is a question and answer based website everything is served on one plate. While Reddit is a bit diverse with AMA (ask me anything) and more features, Quora answers the questions people post.


This website similar to Reddit, it has an upvote system. Again find the questions that are related to your interest and answer them with passion, and solely to benefit the inquirer. You can then at end provide your embedded link to your website for more details.


Remember you want to give and not take. If you have this mindset, I guarantee you will win eventually. Entrepreneurs who truly work to help others can optimize for success.



YouTube logo



YouTube is a similar engine like Google. The difference here is that YouTube is in the format of the video obviously.  Google, Quora, Reddit, and Youtube are used as a search tool by users looking for specific content.

These types of searches are called intent-based searches. Your content will pop up as long as the search for a particular keyword remains relevant to inquirers and sustain time.



People come with the intent to search for specific Topics.  No matter how old your posting is; your content will be viewed when the right keyword appears in the search bar.


Unlike the other social media sites, these above platforms will almost stay evergreen as long as your content is relevant and current to date.


Social Media

Social media sites are great tools for marketing, however, it requires constant upload of content to be viewed. Users are viewing newly produced content every day. Unlike a Search engine, for instance, social networks are more about the experience and new feeling that it could provide.


Think of it like books and TV back in the day. Books are the search results in Google, and TV is the Snapchats and the Instagrams…


A comment or post on social media sites is like a dead body in a graveyard without address. Nobody is going to search for that comment after two days.


Social media works wonders for brand building, attention-grabbing, influence, and ultimately higher growth. Let’s not take any less consideration on how these platforms should be valued, however, I don’t consider posting regularly as free traffic to keep up with the audience. Certainly, a mix of search engines and social media is the best way to go, but, the topic is designed for the former. So it shall be…


Keep in mind, this is a method that brings you traffic but not necessarily so big for you to grow.  I personally think like a marketer you have to keep on providing content almost in every platform to attract as much traffic.


How they work together for free-flowing traffic

There are two ways the YouTube platform works in terms of showing videos, at least what I know off. Firstly, the user goes to Youtube to search for a particular keyword, for example, NBA yesterday game review. Next, YouTube is going to list down videos that related to that keyword, similar to any search engine. As users continue to stream videos, the YouTube algorithm starts to understand preferences. As a result, YouTube recommends videos in accordance with their search queries on the user’s homepage.

Now, let’s say you upload your videos about NBA games. YouTube is going to understand the keywords in the description and title, however, it’s not going to recommend your channel to any other user since you are quite new and not clear yet of who would prefer these videos. Only when users start to come to your videos and start watching, YouTube is going to have a clearer idea of your audience.

To wait for videos on YouTube to organically get views, it’s near impossible.

You can still grow your channel and get recommended to your target audience…. Here is how…

YouTube seeding

It’s called seeding. You need to seed your YouTube channel externally … This is how you should do it…

  • Use platforms like Quora and Reddit for this purpose “seeding”.
  • Initially, create 5 videos on YouTube that answer the common questions the typical targeted audience would ask.
  • Go to quora, answer those questions with great intent to provide humongous value
  • leave a link of your YouTube video at the end of your writing.
  • you can do the same on Reddit.

This way you make sure you get the right target audience coming to your videos. YouTube begins to understand who they are and eventually boosting (recommending) your videos organically to homepages. Although it sounds easier than it’s done, you got to keep at it until youtube understands who favored your video to suggest it to more lookalike audiences.

As your Youtube gets more populated and spread, people start to check your description which includes your detailed blog post about the topic, and so you have also seeded your website using your YouTube channel.


Not the End yet

People Behavior changes on different platforms, and there is no such thing as passive 100%. You have to keep on providing content and value to your audience as long as you want your business to grow and maintain sustainability.


Planting seeds nevertheless on the search engines like the 4 platforms I listed can be seen whenever requested.


As compelling the topic seems, Understanding people’s Behavior on every platform is a major key to formulate your attendance and presence. This conclusion I want you to understand. The End.

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