How To Create a Blog For FREE And Make Money

How blogs can make more than $150,000 per month almost passively?

“As for running your own blog, a survey of 1,000 bloggers by in 2012 found that 17% are able to sustain their lifestyle or support their family with their blogs, while 81% never make even $100 from blogging. The other 2% spend less than 2 hours a day blogging but make more than $150K (Tim Ferriss types).” –

Is that unbelievable to you? Me too, much to my surprise back then when I first started, but it’s possible and there are actually thousands of blogs making even more than $150k.

I’m going to show you how to create a blog for free and make money in very simple steps.

Get started as quickly as possible with one of these blogging platforms:

how to create a blog for free and make money blogger

This platform owned by Google its completely self-hosted free blog. all you need is a computer and internet connection and a few writing skills. 

You don’t have to be a great writer or skilled copywriter to start blogging, write as if you’re talking with your friend. People like authenticity.


Sign up for

All you need is a Gmail account signup for Gmail account here. Then you going to have a fully functional blog.


make money blogging signup with google account


After choosing a name for your blog, then you can immediately start your first new blog…

blogger create new blog


The second platform on the list is WordPress.



WordPress is the most famous platform out there. It’s free to use as well.

How to get started blogging on WordPress? It’s fairly simple, similar to the blogger we discussed.

But there is a learning curve involved with WordPress.

  • Head to
  • choose to start your site.
  • Select a topic(there is an autosuggest).
  • Choose your blog name.
  • Select a Free plan.

How To Create a Blog For FREE

Select paid or free version of WordPress, with the paid version you get a custom domain name without advertising.

This is how the WordPress dashboard will look like, select posts, and click add new.


wordpress dashboard new post

All you have to do after being done with your post is to publish it.

After choosing one of these platforms, preferably WordPress, the following should be about deciding what niche you want to be involved in.

Tip: WordPress has more features and plugins available such as Woocommerce plugin. This plugin will help to turn one of your pages in an eCommerce store if you wish to sell physical or digital products later on.


Choose a topic (Niche) – Profitable Niche.

Here comes your creativity to come up with a topic. I suggest you go with what you already interested in. Maybe you like to talk about football, maybe you love bikes whatever you like. I also suggest you research the topic and see how other bloggers writing about it.

In order to make money using a blog, however, monetization is your goal here. Finding interesting topics and blogging is acceptable, but you should be able to monetize your niche audience as soon as possible.

Here is how to do that…

Most bloggers would tell you finding a niche is the common area between passion, skills, and profitability. I take this further because if it was that simple, a lot of people would have made money easily.

Let me explain here one by one…

1. Passion

It’s always easier to find something you passionate about and work on relentlessly, but many people let their passion die after a reality check. Do you know why? as you grow older and adopt responsibility, you must put food on the table. Passion that is only treated as a hobby is not a good way to the riches.

Now that passion doesn’t cut it alone, what can someone do?

List down all your passions and interests and make a keyword search on these topics. Your research analysis will show which passion of yours you should pursue. Three matrics to look for here; Search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC rate.

Search Volume: how many people are looking for such a topic.

Keyword Difficulty: How is the competition.

CPC rate: shows how profitable is this topic. for example, if CPC is $25, that means people are willing to bet hugely to advertise this keyword, meaning it’s worth the money because it has good ROI. By the way, $25 CPC is high compare to the $0.02 CPC rate, for instance.

Generally, the image below shows 6 blog topics that make most the money.


6 blog topics that make most of the money


I personally think every passion can be turned into a good income if you start blogging, but you need to think money in the first place and treat like a business from the start, otherwise, it is guaranteed you quit after some time.

2. Skills, knowledge, & Professional leverage

You need to use everything at your disposal. This is because you want to make money as soon as you can. The more skillful you are, the easier it gets to build your niche and reach the touchline. It would also help if you use all your previous career/job or relationships to make it work.

This is where you should start leveraging all resources available mainly to get yourself paid.

Here are some examples?

– Someone can connect you to your local small company for a digital marketing deal if you in the marketing niche

Your wife or your husband can help in writing with you these long blogs or if they are analytical, let them analyze your SERP ranking or SEO performance in general.

– Reach out to your LinkedIn network and communicate as much as you can. It would also help here if you post your blog articles regularly, and please reply to those comments, it will help a lot. You will know what I mean if you start doing it.

Are you a writer or technical savvy? use your strength and maximize on it. You don’t need to be technically savvy but sometimes it helps to have some CSS knowledge to embed something on your site. Leverage cheap platforms like Fiverr and hire a technical freelancer to do something on your site.

Are you good at talking, then start a podcast? It helps to put your brand out there. Again leverage your contacts to host them on your podcast if their domain is relevant. The hell, it doesn’t have to be relevant, just find someone interesting to talk with and entertain your audience. You never know what’s gonna work.


I could write many examples here but I hope you got the gist.


3. Is it profitable?

If you starting a blog, you must think about the audience you are serving. If you plan to sell to homestay Mommy or someone who wants to start a blog by bootstrapping, good luck making that big leap in a century time. It will literally take 2-3 years to make money for these kinds of audiences.

Your aim is to start a business, in the form of a blog. This is important because it will help choose a niche with an audience that has big pockets. Regardless of your blog strategy and the type of articles that we can get into later, You want to appeal to those with a budget in place for digital marketing, commercial design or branding, etc.

These people with budgets are usually established and have their own LLC companies. The easiest way to get them and sell them your courses, services, or maybe your leads is by contacting them first hand. I am serious go pick up the phone and call potential big pocket personnel or even better have someone you know to refer them to you.

Once you land on two or three of these clients, you have good recurring income coming in. This will help indefinitely accelerate your growth by building an amazing blog that attracts hundreds of thousands of users into your site.

Did you understand? Ok, let me try to explain differently because this perspective could change your financial life.

While blogging is your machine to make an income, don’t rely on it for the first months to make the cash flow you need. This is because it’s out of your control or at least not yet.

Let’s put it into perspective

what do you mean, right? … Okay, you need good traffic to convert into money. My experience the traffic should go between 10k to 30k a month to start seeing results. Depending on the niche you chose, you need on average 6-12 months to see this traffic. Then let’s assume the conversion rate is about 2-4%. This amounts to 1200 converted visitors.

again what are the things you are trying to convert? Is it your affiliate programs, digital guides, online courses… the story is long and you don’t want to wait for your blog to be a cash cow.

So in the beginning, use your blog as a branding element, and a way to declare your authority in the niche. Think of it as the perfect resume to get hired by SM size companies (one or two, three clients is best). This, as stated before, will help you survive your ups and downs of your blog.


Start writing 


This is the most fun and the hard part as well, it’s fun because you finally would talk about what interests you, and it’s a bit difficult because you are unraveling on something new. And it might take some time to get traffic since your blog posts are new. But think about it like this, you’re building a real business based on your interest and it shouldn’t feel like hard work because you love what you’re doing.


Here’s a couple of key points to keep in mind when you writing a blog post:

  • Attention-grabbing headline
    • Your headline should be unique and attract reader here some examples  190 headlines
  • Engaging paragraph.
    • Each paragraph must lead to reading the next. As you still I am still trying to develop my writing skills. This is far from perfect. The best way to learn how to build an engaging paragraph is by looking at the writing of the best copywriters out there. If you don’t know, copywriters are sellers by the written words, you can imagine how engaging their sales letters are.
    • You can steal from the greats. There is a saying the great painter Pablo Picasso; “Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal.”
    • Check out some of the best sales letters and their approach and proven to be successful and copy them.
  • Authenticity
    • Be you, meaning you don’t have to sound professional, it’s okay to show your vulnerability and your weaknesses. the fact that you’re trying your best to provide value to your readers is showing that you are authentic, people can sense that.
  • Publish
    • When you are done writing almost 500 words to 1300 words, publish your post. Note: the longer your post the better result you get.



Simple methods to generate income on your site!

This is when you have a lot of visitors coming to your site. We are talking 30k a month, 70k a month and reaching your first 100k a month.


1- Show Ads on your blog / Affiliate Marketing

google adscens make money

There are many ways to monetize your blog, of the simplest way, is through Google Adsense.

google ads are basically will show ads on your blog posts and when someone clicks on that ad you get a few cents of that.

It depends on how many visitors your blog gets, don’t get discouraged by those few cents, give it some time and keep working on it, incorporate other affiliate programs such as Amazon associate as well.

amazon associate

2- Sell Ad space on your Blog 

You can rent small ad space in your blog to earn extra money, its always a good idea to diversify your income.


3- Sell PDF Books

It’s easy to create pdf and sell on your website, it could be 20 pages of useful tips that is relevant to what your blog is about.


4- Sell services

If you have some type of service you think your readers will benefit from, offer that service on a recurring subscription or one-time payment, as it suits and benefit both you and your readers.


6- Sell Courses

People love video content, it’s always a good idea to record mini-course on a subject related to your niche and offer that course on your blog. To create a course for free, Udemy is the best choice and it’s totally free to build and sell your courses. Udemy is a course platform that acts as a search engine. Initially, build a course to optimize for ranking.

You could create a good enough course for free. Use feedback to improve on your shortcomings. Small things matter like the video quality to some extent, and most importantly the sound. Keep adding materials and content.

Eventually, turn the free course into a paid one.

Next, include your Udemy course on your site, which could be a good way to drive traffic to your course and therefore rank your course better. Once you become confident, and you could build a premium course and sell it independently on your site. This way you can control your pricing and mark up for better profit.

7. Subscription to online software tool 

This is the most and lucrative and consistent method implemented to have recurring revenue. This not only will sustain your blog existence but also grow your blog exponentially.

What to choose? WordPress or blogger?

Blogger is fairly simple and straightforward if you intend to only write a simple blog post, on the other hand, WordPress is more than just a blog platform it has more customization and plugins to add more functionality, WordPress can be turned to e-commerce store for example.


Wrapping Up

Mindset and goal setting is essential to your success roadmap. obviously, if your intention to blog as a hobby, then this article wasn’t for you. The aim is starting a blog structured to make an income for sustainability and growth while you enjoy your passion work. We need a lot more people to add more creative thinking and new ideas to the world, and it can only happen if you passionate and something that can sustain over time.



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