How to build an amazing Instagram feed with User Generated Content

Want to create an amazing Instagram feeds?

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One of the most common questions for marketers online nowadays is how can I come up with more content to share on social networks. Another often asked question is how can I produce more while maintaining quality. These are very important topics to address. To be more elaborate, this post is not going to engage in with an above-asked question, for now, it will definitely be a good topic for a new blog soon.

Content creation is considered to be very expensive and time-consuming, Well as much as this can be very perceptive, it is definitely one of the other. It could be very expensive if you complicate things and have a lot of money, or it just takes time to produce.

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Although there is no alternative to the advantage that self-creation can give, but you can as well use the help of social media users to participate in content creation.


User-Generated Content is one way to do that.


It is simply using content generated by a user which is relative to your brand. For example, tourism organization that trying to promote tourism in Switzerland will find it useful to share posts from user’s feed on Instagram about their travelling photo in Switzerland. The process is simple.


  • Browse Instagram using relative hashtags to see who is posting nice image about Switzerland

  • Ask permission from the creator to use the image on the brand feed.

  • Give credit in exchange for the creator. This is a win-win situation.

  • One because the brand will have more exposure to the creator followers,
  • second, the creator’s work is shared on a branded Instagram feed which a good credit for the creator.


It’s a win-win: you want your customers to post about your business so you get more exposure to their followers, and you can reward them by featuring their Instagram account on your page.


The report suggests that 85% of online shoppers trust user-generated content. While it’s very cheap and not much time spent on posting UGC content, the impact is magnificent. It’s just painful to see brands not using these kind of smart yet very effective strategies.


5 Steps to Curate an Instagram Feed with User Generated Content

5 Steps to Curate an Instagram Feed with User Generated Content

Step #1: Create a Branded Hashtag for Instagram UGC


The first step in curating your Instagram feed with user-generated content is to create a branded hashtag. One notable example is buffer, the social media scheduling tool. They have created at buffer #BufferCommunity to showcase their user’s Characters and photographs around the globe. In the buffer’s hashtag, the idea is not promotional or pushing a sale which makes it more intuitive and effective way to personalize your brand.


Step #2: Encourage Your Followers to Post with Your Hashtag

You can create a hashtag and wait for it to grow organically. However, the best way is to encourage followers and users to save time with having many contents at your table to choose from. Thus, more creative and interesting things at your fingertips. you can push your followers to produce more content for your hashtag by offering awards and prizes. This can be done by building a contest. The more content created the more available option to choose for best post/content to share on your social feed.

Step #3: Collect the Best UGC from Instagram

Step #3: Reposting

Once you have people using your branded hashtag, it’s time to collect the best user-generated content and post it on your Instagram feed. One way to do this is to search your hashtag on Instagram and take screenshots of each photo to repost, but that can be hard to keep track of. Not to mention that it degrades the quality of the photo too! If you want to keep the original quality of each photo, you can use an Instagram marketing platform like Regrann for android and Instant for IOS to repost Instagram photos (for free!).

Step #4: Plan Your Instagram Feed with UGC

In this step, you can plan for your selected content to be posted on your social feed with your own description and feedback so that you would have been a sequence or relative post to storytelling your own perspective.


Step #5 Give Credit in the Caption

The last step is to write a good Instagram caption, and it’s very important to include credit when you’re using user-generated content. If you’re using an Instagram photo that didn’t use your branded hashtag, it’s a good practice to ask for permission first.

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