How to be in the life of your audience_Create a content that touches life. Start in 2020

The content creation is the first step to success. Why is that? Content is important to put a concrete foundation for your adventure and help people associate your product with a journey that touches their life. Loyalty has become something very tricky to acquire. This is a world full of quality, affordable products. Why should you have the right to acquire the loyalty of one individual? Perhaps we should look at experience. A journey of a company that touches the basic human life to the fundamental needs and wishes … could do a much greater job than paying dollars to influence the subconscious mind through countless advertising. 

I am not saying you shouldn’t advertising, it’s a necessary evil that’s needed. 


The Two Minds

You have two choices. The first is by declaring I have a cool/innovative/functional product, sort of me too I have a product, and raising your hand for consumers to notice you. You could win but it’s very difficult to last for a long time. The second mindset is by declaring yourself as the trusted advisor to a particular product or service. 

The moment you act as an advisor, your whole paradigm of thinking will shift. You would be someone who is willing to take responsibility for clients’/customers’ governance, decision, best interest. 

The outcome of this mindset is building a solid foundation for your business in which the customer is your central focus, not you, not the organization, not the staff. As a result, you will act in a way that you will never allow clients to ever purchase less than they should or more than they should, never purchase less quality, or less frequent than they should. This is because that’s what an advisor will do. 

This way you are in a completely different domain from all the noise exerted in the marketplace.

Who is your Audience

It’s important to figure out who you are selling for! This will propagate the company’s self-image and branding. It’s also a basic understanding if you ever want to dominate. Additionally, it’s simpler to craft the content that satisfies one type of audience to serve their countless contexts in the process. 

What do we mean? An example


iPhone or steve Jobs in this matter had clearly identified who they are by the type of audience they trying to sell. Think about this phrase “Think different” … visualize it with associating that with the first iPhone release that came with this message. On one level, they wanted to exert a seamless level of design that is unseen before. Who is their target audience?  people, who want to be different and break out of their paradigm and transcend their brillance by the product of choice? And soon after everyone wants to be part of this group, and Apple is one of the biggest companies now.


An advisor will always think about their clients. One of the most common and differentiating factors is by producing content. Be present in the life of your audience, and you shall win. 

Love your audience or clients. 

What is Content?

According to Wikipedia, “In publishing, art, and communication, content is the information and experiences that are directed toward an end-user or audience.[1] Content is “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts”.[2] Content can be delivered via many different media including the Internet, cinema, television, radio, smartphones, audio CDs, books, e-books, magazines, and live events, such as speeches, conferences, and stage performances.”


In this definition, the content was associated with something expressed through some medium, it could be sound/voice, writing, or visual that talks to a specific audience. This depends on the type of audience you want to reach and where they are available. 


How would you utilize your content if you were to start from zero


The utility of your content in the world – This is true for all digital content creators, it might be true for offline content creator whatever that might be #little disclaimer 


Let’s take a hypothetical example


Let’s say you are a musician or DJ hobbyist that is thinking currently to monetize your effort and live off your endeavors and explore more. There is something interesting about these individuals thinking or developing content on a daily basis but not maturely maximizing on their work. 


If you don’t consider it work


The funny thing here most of these individuals don’t consider it as work which is extremely important. This is for the sole reason why content output won’t be a hustle to produce, but rather the strategy in which content is going to be commoditized to make an income. Ultimately, having the freedom to explore and invent more in your craft in the coming years. 


The building is not an Easy Task

Making tunes and music is extremely hard but if you find it fun and fulfilling, why not make an income. This happens by the power of utility accompanied with laser beam focus on who you would like to work for. Yes, right who you would like to work for. As a producer of music, you are working for someone and your job constantly is figuring out how you could help.


Strategy vocab is simple


What do you mean by this? First of all, when people hear the word strategy, they associate that with company work like strategy. If I were to ask this question; what do you imagine when you hear the word strategy. People will have all sorts of meanings. Someone told me that if he closes his eyes, he would picture a meeting room with consultants working on a project and mind mapping and analysis with numbers. 


This shows the disconnect with great words like strategy and depriving the imagination to have double of more imagery in our head for the strategy word. This is another topic but it’s one of the main reasons why people don’t use their dictionary when it’s needed. 


A strategy could mean simply one tactical move that could result in different outcomes. Not to jeopardize the meaning of the word strategy, but you identify strategy as a different perspective – a way to see things. 


Moving on…


Let’s take this profile (still hypothetical)

  • Name: John
  • Occupation: student
  • Age: 22-26
  • Part-time: works at a bar

Type of content produces: music and tunes

Frequency: Daily he puts out one music on Soundcloud —


Goal: using the power of utility accompanied with laser beam focus on who you would like to work for.


Probably at this stage usually understanding John and being empathetic about what loves is extremely important. 


How can John utilize his production


John could partner with a designer that prints out intellectual quotes on T-shirt and make a percentage of the revenue

John could partner with podcast host and feature his music in a podcast episode and get more popularized and expand audience size.

John could, later on, starts his own DJ music school to teach talented kids to perfect their craft, and also keep recording while at it and another type of content is on the way. This is getting bigger. 


An advisor clearly means


Although in the beginning, the term advisor was there to describe the mindset, what really meant is someone who wants to be part of the life of their audience whether it’s entertainment or education or guidance.


This is why people who started with content are winning the heart of the marketplace and companies paying them hugely to represent them as a brand ambassador, or as an influencer marketing strategy. 




CEOs and companies are always looking for the quick buck, and what could be increasing the GMV to make our stakeholders happy. If they don’t shift their understanding, a wave of new companies will take them by storm.




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