How Online Store Can Help You Make your Dreams Come True

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Do you want to earn real money online without investing a lot of money.

I would love to share with you the secret to start making money online with little work.

Have you ever thought about great product but you didn’t know how to sell or where to find customers ?

Do you think building online store is hard and frustrating ?

I used to think that way too.

In this post I am going to share with you the secrets to build a sustain profitable e-commerce store on autopilot.

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The right mindset

Before you get your hand dirty on e-commerce world, lets begin on your mindset first and set up a vision and goals Here are few questions you have to be able to answer..

  1. What’s your goal
    • Its important to have clear goal before you get started
    • Write down your goals
    • Visualize how this going to effect you and your family and everybody around you .
  2. What you going to provide for others ?
    • Ask yourself would I buy what I’m selling right now ?
    • How to provide the best value for others
    • How Can my product really help others
    • How can I improve myself so I can be more helpful


  1. How much you want to earn each month ? 
    • Decide how much you want to earn , write it down.
  2. Where you see yourself in 1 to 3 years from now ?
    • See your business in the upcoming future
    • Is my business in evergreen niche .
    • Would your business be in the market for the next 5-10 years ?


These are very important questions that will help you on your journey.

After answering these question, its time to find your niche.

Here is the best 3 ways to find your niche

1-Turn your passion into profitable business

build online store free

This is the best approach on creating a successful online store business.

Your passion could be real business but before you go ahead and build your store, lets figure out if your passion could be a potential business.

Research through google, list the first 5 results and analyze those websites.

Lets say for example your passion is fitness , this could be real business,

Example of businesses around your niche :

Find products or services around your niche

Now lets take your niche to the next level , what kind of products or services can you sell?

The best way to Find the perfect product to sell online is :

  • AliExpress
    • Great way to find cheap products
  • Ebay
    • Huge website to find product and fast shipping
  • Amazon
    • Amazon is the largest eCommerce website , there are millions of products to find in fitness niche
  • Social media
    • Use Facebook search to find products related to fitness niche
  • Google Trend
    • Google trend is good way to find if this is trend product or evergreen..
  • Keyword Research Tools



Now you come to the game with the right mindset, found your niche and products to sell online, whats next step ?

The next step is off course to sell those products through your store.


Build an online store for free

Have you heard about Woocommerce? this is a plugin for wordpress which allows you to turn any website to fully functioning e-commerce for free.

Now get your hands dirty, find web hosting service ..

There are many web hosting companies I recommend going with namecheap or hostgator because it’s easy to install wordpress in just one click.

After creating your store , add the products , I recommend going with Aliexpress because there are many cheap products you can start with, and if you need a way to automate this process there is a great plugin that can automate your entire store.

Drive Traffic and Start Selling


Alidropship is your life saver in this case .

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping


The final step

Now you ready to go and start making sales, there are couple of ways to promote your products online :

Paid Traffic

Free Traffic


In upcoming post we going to discover how you going to advertise on these platforms, for now depending on your budget, if you want, you can experiment with paid ads, or you go with free traffic that I’ve mentioned above.




Building an online store is not hard , with all tools available nowadays,  it’s just few clicks and you’re going to have fully functional e-commerce website that was impossible few years back.

Now its matter of finding niche with decent search monthly and you good to go and start selling.

Do you think this is easy to do?

Share with us your comment about your experience with an online store.




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