Process (Weighing, Cleaning, Drying)

ADSTEEL has extensive experience in correctly designing and supplying in-line grain weighing, cleaning, drying, dust extraction, filtration and disposal schemes.

Weighing of grain on intake or outload from a grain silo is important for inventory control. The most commonly employed method for intake is the continuous bulk scale system which gives reliable accuracy at high capacities.

Cleaning systems are used to remove all foreign matter prior to storage and on-ward transfer to process or outloading. A magnetic bed is used to separate ferrous particles from the intake stock, prior to process through any conveying system. This helps to eliminate major plant breakdown.

Dryers are essential  in reducing moisture content from a higher level (grain received directly from farmers) to its desired level suitable for long-term storage. It is essential to control the dust present and generated at all stages of a grain-handling and processing system. This includes reduction of dust emissions at intake points such as road tipping and aspiration of dust on handling and processing equipment to reduce environmental and safety risks.

In Line Sampler

Bulk Weigher