Grain Preservation

ADSTEEL takes utmost care with long-term grain preservation technology, which consists of Fumigation Systems, Aeration Systems, Grain-Cooling Systems, Temperature & Relative Humidity monitoring.

Fumigation System:

A fumigation system is used to protect stored grain from damage by insects. This system is designed and used either in the form of gas injection or by tablet / pellet dispensing.

The operators are educated and trained by ADSTEEL experts on safety measures, methods of storage, and fumigant application.

Aeration System:

Depending on the technical demand, ADSTEEL carefully design, engineer and supply the grain silo aeration floor in H-H, Y-Y full floor orientation, along with heavy-duty centrifugal fans to fit the required capacity.

The aeration system is used to maintain a preset ambient temperature and humidity in the silo and maintain a healthy stock of the grain for a longer period. The client can specify either manual or fully automated aerations systems to meet the required specification.

Grain Cooling System:

To maintain a particular grain temperature, grain-cooling systems are used in zones of a high ambient temperature. These units can be portable to allow for easy maneuvering and connection to the silo where the application is necessary. ADSTEEL can design and supply the system as per the project requirement.

Temperature and Humidity Control:

The control of temperature and humidity is one of the critical aspects of grain shelf-life for which

ADSTEEL design, engineer and supply sensors and monitoring devices. This operation can be done on a portable basis (to take the reading as and when required) or automatic online monitoring for 24/7 monitoring.

Control & Automation:

ADSTEEL takes care of the Electrical and Automation control system for each project. The engineering is considered based on necessity and economic justification.

The designing and implementation can be done on the basis of Full Auto, Semi Auto or Partial Auto modes.