Grain Handling Systems (Conveying & Elevating)

This includes grain receipt, cleaning, drying, conveying, distribution, storage, reclaim, packing and bulk/bag loading systems.

The selection of conveyor type such as chain-conveyor or belt-conveyor is decided according to the grain uses and specific plant parameters.

Enclosed chain-conveying systems prevent material degradation whilst ensuring safety and environmental advantages. This system also offers multiport discharge.

Belt-conveyors provide economical transport of grain at high speed for long distances  with single port outlet or multiple port outlets using thrower system. Necessary safety and dust control features ensure a safe, hygienic and reliable operation.

Enclosed bucket-elevators allow the lifting of grain vertically to a designated height maintaining a secured capacity whilst minimizing equipment footprint. The machines are fitted with safety-monitoring and dust-explosion protection features to ensure reliable and safe operation.

Truck Sampling & Unload

Bulk Elevator