Why Us?

ADSTEEL being the provider of "One Stop Solution" can furnish a complete EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) service to any potential client. ADSTEEL takes initiative for an extensive Study, to analyze individual project requirement and accordingly furnish an economical solution that comply with the customer’s requirement within the budget limitation.

Clients are requested to fill up the "ENQUIRY FORM" for ADSTEEL to understand the basic project concept, and to discuss further for mapping the way forward.  

Client shall be benefited in:

  • Single point of contact & communication from day one.
  • Cost effectiveness and quicker “Return on Investment”.
  • Superior Project Quality & Technological Service
  • Project completion within pre-scheduled time. 
  • Guaranteed performance and Plant efficiency
  • Training of operating staff by qualified & experienced professionals.
  • Financial benefit through ADSTEEL’s procurement strength and our relations with specific financial institutions for optional financing.