TS Investment (TSI) Ltd

ADC Energy Systems LLC, as one of the TSI group companies, is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contracting company in United Arab Emirates established in 2005.



WESTEEL is a division of Vicwest Inc. and one of Canada’s foremost manufacturers of wide range on-farm & commercial grain storage silos, handling and preservation solution equipment, established in 1965.

Westeel’s agricultural storage products include Flat bottom grain Storage Silos and bins, hopper bottom storage silo, tanks and smooth wall hopper bins for wet holding, seed and fertilizer.

Westeel handling equipment includes Enclosed Chain conveyor, Bucket elevator, Grain Cleaner, Diverter & valves etc.

Westeel preservation equipment and instrument includes Temperature and Relative Humidity controller, Fumigation systems, Grain cooling and aeration system, Aeration floor, Grain rotation / turning engineering & mechanism etc.